Tuesday, August 02, 2005

SO Tired

I am SO tired.  I can barely concentrate on what I am supposed to be doing.  Last night BigGuy slept in his own little bed, but usually both kids sleep next to me.  Like Dr. Sears says, they are like "heat-seeking missiles" and they sleep jammed up against me or with arms and legs entwined in mine.  Since I am not with them during the day, I really love to cuddle with them at night.  I also nurse Baby on demand all night long.  I'm starting to wonder if all the cuddling and nursing is affecting my sleep.  I don't really see any other option at this time though.  Baby is still far too young (15 months old) to reduce breastfeeding so drastically.  If I was with him during the day, I would nurse him on demand during the day and night wean him. 

I don't exercise, and I'm sure that makes a huge difference.  How can I exercise if I'm too exhausted to even open my eyes, lol!?  I'd bet that I have some vitamin and mineral deficiencies too.  I haven't been too great on the vegetables lately.  Maybe I should start taking a prenatal vitamin again.  I've seen studies and articles against vitamins, but it can't hurt too much, I'd guess.

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Jo@ Laudo Deum Farm said...

Hi Kathy,

Try the Supermom vitamins. They are really good and the only vitamin that doesn't give me headaches. Nice blog you got here.
We use NT stuff alot lately I'm exploring cocunut oil and milk. You can make a great thick chocolate topping or mouse usinmg Geisha cocunut milk and a little maple syrup and chocolate and carob bean powder. Works really well over cake or by itself.
Excersise will help you but sleep will help even more. If you can get 4 hours un-interupted sleep you'll feel alot better. I've been where you are and it's not too fun. Mommmies need tocare for themselves so they can care for others.