Saturday, August 12, 2006

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Jill commented to ask if I really used coconut oil. She's concerned about the saturated fat. I was going to email her back, but I don't have her address, so I'll post this publicly for everyone to see.
I do use coconut oil!! I would use more of it if it weren't so expensive. When I had some before, I would add 3 tablespoons of the oil to my smoothie in the morning. I would also use it for all our pan-cooking. You can use it in baking, although it will change the texture of baked goods. I've also used it to make a delicious "fudge" recipe.

Adding the coconut oil to my smoothies is the only way I can get through the morning without intense sugar cravings and hunger. I have to have a LOT of fat and protein in the morning to make it to lunch. My smoothie would have home-made yogurt from whole raw Jersey milk (which contains TONS of cream), raw eggs, fruit, sweetener (honey or maple syrup), and the coconut oil. This smoothie would contain 900 calories.

There is a ton of research showing that coconut oil is very healthy for us. It is without question healthier than canola, soybean, rapeseed, etc. Do a Google search on coconut oil benefits. It aids in so many things - digestion, candida control, weight loss, etc.

I am no longer scared of naturally occurring saturated fats. I believe that God designed our food to keep us healthy. Why would he design it to kill us? Although I do concede that there are many poisonous plants out there that clearly WILL kill you.

Have you heard of Weston A. Price (WAP) or Nourishing Traditions? WAP traveled around the world in the early 1900's and researched groups of people who had no exposure to "modern" processed foods. He studied 11 groups, including Eskimos, Pacific Islanders, an African tribe, a South American tropical tribe, Swiss mountainers, etc. In every case, they were extremely healthy, living on their native foods. As soon as any of them were exposed to modern processed foods, their health declined dramatically. When they would go back to their native foods, their health would improve. Every group highly valued animal foods - milk, butter, eggs, cheese, meat (if they had access to it - some groups ate insects), seafoods, etc. The primary fat for the tropical groups were coconut oil and palm oil (along with fish). They were certainly in great health, despite consuming these things.

I just don't believe that modern nutritionists have a clue at all any more.

If I have intrigued you, make sure to buy your coconut oil from Tropical Traditions and use me as a referral :-) I'm sorry to be so shameless about this, but I figure that it's a good deal for everyone.

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Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

You have definitely piqued my interest in learning more about coconut oil. Plus that site you referenced features many interesting items. If I do end up making a purchase, I will reference you.