Thursday, March 04, 2010

First Video Blog: Asparagus Soup Recipe

Of course this isn't a real video blog with me actually showing my face; you didn't think I was that brave, did you? I might do a video blog outside, but inside my apartment? Noooooo way. So anyway, here it is -- a nice little recipe for Asparagus Soup.

Additional notes:

- This was actually a camcorder test, not intended to be a post, so it's totally unrehearsed and missing half the information. A normal blogger would redo it, but I'm NOT normal!

- I'm kind of congested in this video.

- I start with 4 cups chicken broth/stock made from chicken carcasses. You could also use vegetable broth. If you have no broth/stock, start out by sautéeing some garlic and onions in oil for a few minutes. Even if you have broth, onions and garlic are really good in this soup.

- I used 4 small potatoes this time, but it doesn't really matter; it's really flexible.

- Cut the woody ends off the asparagus before adding to the soup. Also, you can set the asparagus tips aside (maybe steam them separately for a bit) and use them to garnish the soup.

- Blend in small batches and be very careful so you don't kill yourself with boiling hot soup. I like to blend until it's completely puréed.

- I said "one teaspoon" of salt, in case you couldn't hear over the "moooooom". Start with less though. It's really gross if you oversalt it.

- Just add a little lemon. I added the juice of 1/4 lemon to the pot and that was good. Then I added the juice of another 1/8 lemon to my bowl, and that wasn't so good.

- If your broth didn't have any fat in it, add some olive oil, butter, or something fatty at the end. You need fat!

- The amazing thing is that this soup is so good with so few ingredients -- broth/stock, potatoes, asparagus, dill, and salt.


Marly said...

Awesome! I may have to try it. I got asparagus for .98 a lb! I was so excited. :)

Marly said...

I'm going to try this today. I have two bunches of asparagus in the fridge that need to get used. So hopefully I can figure it out.

Katie said...

Did it work?

Marly said...

It was good. but I think I put too many potatoes because it tasted more like potatoes. It was Weston's first food too.