Thursday, December 14, 2006


I had no idea we were this close to Christmas already!  Back in October I saw some Christmas-themed items on sale.  I started thinking about which items I would buy for the Twelve Days of Christmas (where you leave treats/items on a neighbor's doorstep for 12 days), but I didn't get anything because it was way too early.  Then yesterday, all of a sudden, it was the day to start!  We had to go to the grocery store to get pears :-) 
I'm not used to buying a lot of Christmas presents.  Ever since we've been married, money has always been tight around Christmas, even if it was plentiful in July, so other than a few presents for the kids, we haven't really bought much (the kids get PLENTY of presents from the grandparents, so they are not deprived by any stretch of the imagination).  This year we actually have more than $0 in our checking account, so I thought I'd get some presents for the immediate family.  I hadn't even started thinking about what I'd buy, and then yesterday I realized I was almost out of time!  So I drug the kids all over the place and got a few things last night.  I think I'm pretty much done. 
After I got home from our shopping marathon (2 hours is a marathon to me), I realized that last night was the Young Women's babysitting service project.  Free babysitting was offered at the church from 6:30 to 8:30.  So instead of dragging the poor starving kids everywhere, they could've been having the time of their lives with all their friends at church.  Oh well - maybe I'll learn to keep an appointment calendar!

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