Friday, October 05, 2007


Well, I've successfully managed to not post for nearly 9 months! The good news is that in that time, there has been progress on the problems I mentioned in my last post. Namely, two Chipotle restaurants have opened up less than an hour from here! I guess I wasn't craving it all that much though, because I haven't gone yet. I'd still rather have Texadelphia cheesesteaks and Don Carlos queso.

In order to tell how far away Chipotle is from me, I had to put it into Google Maps. I figured I'd be lazy and leave off the city/state and just use the zip code. So I put my address in the 'from' field and 6924 South Park Centre Drive, 84121 in the 'to' field. What did Google do? It gave me a location in HOUSTON. Of all the places in the entire country/world, it chose Houston. Interesting.

I'm thinking of doing NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month or something) again this November. But I still feel extremely inhibited when writing about important or personal things, so I'd be posting a month's worth of drivel. I could write about my hair for a month. That would be fun for the guys who read this. I could do hair growth progress, a history of my hair, hair routines, hair products, and hair styles. The possibilities boggle the mind.


homemommy22 said...

lol I understand. Personally, I like hearing about your family--maybe the simple joys you see in the world or that you and your children experience. Just a thought. :-D

Katie said...

Joys in the world? ha! Mostly I feel intensely annoyed. No, that's an exaggeration, but not totally untruthful. Maybe I could spend a month working on feeling joy :-D

Veritaserum said...

A month on feeling joy sounds like a lovely idea! :-)

I went to Chipolte once in Calfornia. It was ok. I wouldn't call it memorable, though. :-)

Heidi said...

welcome back! I've checked often to see if you'd "blogged" ;)

that doesn't sound right... :P

Kerry said...

I am happy to see you too! I always like hearing your outlook on things. I don't really think of you as "annoyed"...just brutally honest and I like it ;-)

smocklady said...

welcome back. ;)