Thursday, November 01, 2007

Three Rants, One Resolved (kind of)

1) Our easy listening station is playing Christmas music already! If I'm not mistaken, I wrote about this last year. This year, it totally took me by surprise. It can't be November already! I remember when I was a kid, time went s o o o o s l o w l y y y y y . Now it ZIPS by.

2) Why do big huge SUVs slow down to a crawl to go over speed bumps and through dips? What is the point of having an SUV if you can't barrel through bumps and dips at full speed? Surely if your Hummer suspension can handle off-roading, it can handle a little dip at 25 mph.

3) Last year I didn't buy tickets to the Brad Paisley concert because we were kind of low on cash. I figured I would just go this year. In retrospect, that was kind of dumb, because last year I should've realized that I'd have a newborn by concert time this year. A few months ago I started looking at tour dates, and it seemed that Brad Paisley wasn't coming to Utah this year. I was QUITE annoyed (that is the rant part). However, he apparently IS coming, on January 24th-ish - at least that's what I remember from the radio - there's nothing about it on his website yet. That doesn't quite solve the newborn problem though. Baby will be 5 months old by then, and I leave him every day for work, so in theory, I should be able to leave him long enough for a concert. But ideally I'd go to the concert with Husband, and he's the one who stays with Baby while I'm at work. My mom is probably afraid to tend him while he's that young (are you, Mom?), but maybe I can find someone else. We'll see.

Edited to add:
I've got to get more creative! I'm totally recycling posts from last year. See, I wrote about Brad Paisley here, and I wrote about the Christmas music (and Brad Paisley) here. Blogging appears to bring out the teenage girl in me - I really don't gush about Brad Paisley in real life, at all (seriously).

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