Friday, November 23, 2007

Hope for America

I have added two new banners to this page. I urge you to check out Ron Paul and see for yourself what kind of candidate he is. Check out the library as well as the main campaign site.

I heard third-hand that the State Department has said that Ron Paul supporters are threats to national security. That actually makes a lot of sense. The stronghold the federal government has on our nation would be destroyed if Ron Paul was elected president. I can see how they would feel that their power is threatened by Ron Paul and his supporters :) So count me in as a threat to national security.


(chandelle) said...

you know, i really liked him too, minus a couple of issues (you probably saw that post), and then i saw on his voting record that he's worked very hard to get regulations rolled back on corporations committing some pretty serious offenses, and some other issues that turned me right off. maybe you like the de-reg thing, as a conservative?...anyway. i was kind of sad about the whole thing because he looked so great at first. but now it seems that almost everything he's said in his campaign is untrue. :( of course, that's probably true of everybody.

Katie said...

I was thinking that I was in big trouble if you saw that post. I figured you would hate him. I forgot you had posted about him before :-)

I haven't *really* done anything to support him yet, like go out canvassing, because I don't know if I'll ever be able to find out enough about him (or any candidate) to trust them or even really know their positions.