Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh My (Stinkin' Heck) and a Side Note

OMSH is hosting a funny face contest. I had absolutely no intention of participating, because I figure that the fewer pictures of me there are on this blog, the better. But then my 3-year old went crazy with the camera, and I ended up with a funny face picture. So here it is:

My Funny Face

I was messing around with the special effects that came with the camera software, and I thought this one was especially fetching:

I am so fetching

Side Note: I found out today that based on my page views, I could make 75 cents per month if I added BlogHer ads to this blog!!

Side Note 2: I have got to get up to date on photo uploading and handling. I think I am doing it a very old fashioned way. I open the picture in my free software program and save it once in a relatively large size and once in a smaller size. Then I upload both to Photobucket. Then I add the small image to my post using HTML, and point the href tag to the larger picture. I'm doing it totally weird, huh?

Let me try the Blogger "add image" button:
Whoa! It added 5 lines of nasty looking code to this post. Yuck. I don't like it because I don't know what the code is doing, exactly. I do like how it allows the picture to be in line with the text. But I'm sure I could learn that fairly easily. Or not. I just checked a couple blogs, and they don't do that in-line thing. They maximize the picture width to cover the full width of the text column on their blog.

I just remembered that the reason I got on to the computer in the first place was to upload some pictures of some stuff I'm selling on Oops.


OMSH said...

I always love it when people can use the word fetching and not sound silly.

Nice funny face, but the 2nd charcoal on crack! hahahaha!

(chandelle) said...

if you set the picture to be centered instead of on the left, you won't get five nasty lines of text next to it; just text above it and below it. i hate that, too. :)