Monday, March 03, 2008

Resurrecting My Blog for an Apron

Loralee's friend Erin has opened up an Etsy shop called Saucy Frocks. She is selling some of the cutest aprons I've seen, and at reasonable prices! I can't decide which is my favorite. All of them are darling. I already enjoy cooking, but I think that wearing one of these aprons while I cook could only make the experience even more fun.

If you check out this post at Loralee's, you can get entered into a drawing for a Saucy Frock apron.

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Heidi said...

Oh my gosh Katie, small world! LOL

I'm friends with Erin, owner of Saucyfrocks! LOL In fact, her son was over at my house a couple of weeks ago for Madison's birthday!

Just thought I'd share! Isn't that funny?