Monday, April 13, 2009

Green Polka Dot Box

I just found out about a great new online health food store buying club. It's basically Costco + Whole Foods + Amazon. You pay a yearly membership fee, just like Costco. Also like Costco, you get very low prices -- lower than you will find anywhere else online and definitely lower than you'll find at the health food store. You shop online, and your order is delivered to your door in a green polka dot box! What could be more awesome than that? If you spend $150 per order, shipping is free. If you spend less, it's only $9 (flat fee)! I think that is fantastic.

Green Polka Dot Box has products from about 50 companies right now, but they will have products from 150 companies within the next few months. They are starting with shelf-stable dried goods. Then they'll add frozen products, and eventually they will even have produce!! The day they start delivering produce is the day I never leave my house to grocery shop again!

Check it out by clicking here --> Join Green Polka Dot Box

You can refer people to the store and get 'rewards' by doing so. If you refer 10 or 20 people who shop regularly, you could even get all your groceries for free! Basically, you earn a percentage of the amount your referrals spend. The more you refer, the higher the percentage goes. They want people to sign up ASAP (of course), so there is an incentive to sign up now -- if you sign up by May 31st, you will automatically get the highest percentage reward, no matter how many you refer. Typically, you'd have to refer 20 people to earn 10% rewards. But if you sign up by May 31st, you earn 10% rewards even if you only ever refer 1 person. I have signed up already, so if you click on the graphic/link in this post, you will be one of my referrals :-)

If you don't want to bother with referrals and rewards, you can sign up as a club member and still get the same prices. Your annual membership fee will be cheaper too. If you want to wait until you see the full lineup of products a couple of months down the road, that is awesome too. The only difference is that you'd have to refer more people to get the full rewards percentage. But if you don't care about the referrals/rewards, there's no difference at all.

Even before I found out about the rewards (I usually don't get into that kind of stuff) I was so excited for this! Cheap health food store products delivered right to my door?! Sign me up! I HATE shopping, especially when I've gone to 3 stores already (1 health food store has this cheaper, one has that, and don't forget the regular grocery store too!) with 3 kids who are starving and tired. I think The Green Polka Dot Box is going to be really big, and I can't wait to start shopping!

Go check it out right now -->
Join Green Polka Dot Box

My referral link is

Oh, and tell all your organic/crunchy friends. And give them my referral link (or your referral link, if you're signing up) :-D


Melissa said...

Hi Katie,
I saw your facebook post on this and I've actually been hearing a lot about it lately. I've been getting more into Organic foods, but they are so expensive!! Have you actually used their site? When I looked at it a while ago it seemed like they weren't quite up and running yet. I'd like to check it out more. Thanks for the review.
Melissa Jones

Katie said...

The site isn't live yet, so I haven't used it to shop. They are taking pre-registrations for a June 1st prelaunch. Then, the full launch will be on September 1st. I imagine there will be some bugs to be worked out between June and September, but I think the company seems really great. Rod Smith is the CEO, and he lives in Utah County. So if it something goes wrong, I'm close enough to personally see him -- I liked the comfort of that.