Friday, March 27, 2009

Time to Get Serious!

I've never been one to gain weight. I've fluctuated in weight quite a lot, due to pregnancies and nursing and things, but I don't recall ever gaining weight outside of pregnancy. Last December, my sister sent out a family email about doing Body for Life so that we don't gain weight over the holidays. I was thinking "??".

I've gone all winter wearing the same pants - no apparent change through Thanksgiving or Christmas. But now, suddenly within the last month, my pants are fitting quite differently! Two months ago, everything was loose and I figured I'd have to go down a size soon. Now everything is tight.

So I guess this means it's time to actually start exercising instead of thinking about it. Last summer I decided I was going to become a runner. So I started walking/jogging. I completed 9 weeks of a couch to 5K program, which got me going from 1 minute jogging at a time during the first week to 30 straight minutes of jogging by the end. I did not make it to 5K distance because I have to run VERY SLOW to be able to go for 30 minutes. I could walk faster -- literally. I abandoned that effort in October and haven't done anything since. I rented a TaeBo video from Netflix in November and didn't touch it until last Friday.

I guess there could be one other option, but I don't think it's very likely. I thought my husband was kind of ambivalent about having more kids right at the moment, but apparently he's not ambivalent, because when I told him about my pants issue he got all excited and asked if I had been feeling sick and was waggling his eyebrows a lot :-P

I did start a fitness blog last summer, but I never wrote anything in it. I'll try to flesh it out a little and then maybe share the link. Then I can quit writing in it again, just like my Beans & Rice blog.

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Marly said...

wow, he was all excited huh?
Sorry you're having to deal with things. For me, walking is the only thing I can sort of do consistently. It helps to have a buddy to do it with, but I haven't had that for a while.