Friday, December 11, 2009

Worst Christmas Song of All Time

Which Christmas song do you dislike the most? I think this is one of my least favorites:

The benefit of this video is that it has sweet 80's style!

Why on earth would people do covers of this song?

Even Glee is getting in on it?!?!

And no, of course I didn't listen to all of those before I embedded them. Ew. I did have to at least listen to a few seconds to make sure it really was the same song. The one by Cascada (whoever they/she are/is) is slightly acceptable.


Ramon said...

I love this song. But then again, I hate Christmas, so this just makes me laugh.

Katie said...

I think the reason I hate it so much is because it gets stuck in my head FOREVER. And I think it kind of dragggggs. That's why the other version is slightly acceptable -- it's a lot faster.

Also, the lyrics are kind of dorky. I gave you my heart, but you gave it away, so this year I'll give it to someone SPESHUL. I do like a lot of 80's music, so that's not why this one grates on me.

I ESPECIALLY LOATHE Taylor Swift's cover of this song. Blech. Taylor Swift doesn't even count as country - if I had to put her in a genre, I would call it 'Fake Country'. The only thing awesome about her is that she's dating Taylor Lautner, and he's hot. I hope they stay together forever so it can always be Taylor&Taylor. Their couple name can be "The Taylors". Which reminds me. Maybe I should go see Taylor Lautner (I mean New Moon) again. [Chandelle, I added this last part specifically for you. hee hee XO ]

Katie said...

(Chandelle thinks old ladies who drool over Taylor Lautner are pedophiles.)

Marly said...

oh, Ryan hates this song! Every time it comes on, he changes the station.

Katie said...

Yes, I have at least one supporter!

Make sure to wait until he's home to play all these videos.