Friday, January 28, 2005

Car Troubles?

Wednesday I was driving home (well, crawling through traffic) and my car semi-stalled. The oil pressure and volts lights went on, and I lost all power. I pressed the gas pedal and nothing happened. I think the engine was still on though. I freaked out - heart racing, adrenaline pumping. I thought "well, I guess I'll just get towed somewhere and then I can call BigDaddy." [We got rid of our cell phones because they were $80 a month!] I had the inspiration/presence of mind to turn the car off and start it again. It worked!! I didn't have any more troubles, but we took the car in yesterday morning anyway. The found nothing wrong with it, so hopefully it's ok. The best part is that I got to stay home until 2 pm because we only have the one car!! Yay for car troubles that resolve easily and give me a day off!! This morning BigGuy told me "Mommy, you stay home" (and he signed HOUSE in ASL). I told him that if he wants me to stay home, he needs to pray to Heavenly Father that Daddy will be able to get a job soon.
One other neat thing I realized from my car incident is that I feel really safe when BigDaddy is with me. We got rear ended a couple months ago [no damage was done], and I was just sitting there not even worried in the slightest. But when I was alone and the car stopped, I got very scared and tense. I'm so glad I have a strong husband to protect me :-D I'm sure that sounds a little old-fashioned, but that's how I feel.

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