Friday, January 28, 2005

The Purpose of a Blog

What is the purpose of a blog? It seems kind of narcissist. I mean, who really cares about what I say, besides my family and close friends? I'm not really an engaging or humorous writer, like some bloggers out there. I guess my purpose for this blog is to be a record for me and a place where my family can get updates and stories about us. I'd like to improve my writing skills and use this as a place to put my thoughts on all kinds of things. I haven't been keeping a personal journal, so I guess this is a good place to start. I'll probably still keep a separate personal journal, as there are many things I wouldn't want to share with the internet (sorry, internet).


Anonymous said...

I blog because I love myself. Ha ha. Nah, I think I started it to show the online community that I wasn't really super mom. So many people seemed to think I was, and I wanted to give a more realistic 'view' into how chaotic working at home can be. I totally keep my paper journal still - where I record more personal stuff about my own spiritual growth etc.

Anonymous said...

Oh that was me. Very Mom. Sorry, no blogger account.