Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Test Post by Email

This is a test to see how it looks when I post by email.

And here's my food journal for the day so far:
2 fried eggs with 2 pieces whole wheat toast with butter
HUGE chunk of cookie dough!

My anti-sugar plan says that for now, while I'm working on getting a good breakfast and 3 meals a day, I can still have my sugar, but I'm supposed to eat it with meals. Whoever heard of such silliness? What's the point of sugar if you're going to eat it WITH a meal? Anyway, that's why I had to have my cookie dough with breakfast.


dayment said...

Breakfast dessert. Hilarious.

Tomorrow morning you should have some chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Or gingerbread banana waffles.

Katie said...

Are those real recipes? I know the pancakes is, but what about the other? I am not above eating sugar AFTER breakfast, but I do like a normal non-sugary breakfast first, lol.

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