Monday, October 27, 2008


I didn't mean to leave the almond post up for so long. Of course I wanted people to see it, but not for a week! My previous posting frequency (or should I say non-frequency?) gives me a little more credibility on this, I should think. Leaving a post up for a week is nothing compared to how often I usually wait!

So, I signed up for Nablopomo. Probably a bad decision, destined for failure. I'm too much of a perfectionist ("huh?", you're probably saying, "that drivel you post is the perfectionist version?"). It takes me an hour to post anything, and I always feel like I have to spend time uploading pictures. In the spirit of non-perfectionism, I'm going to end this right here and not even finish that thought.

Did you know I was going to start a running blog? I was. But I didn't. And then I slacked off running. Today I thought sadly "my running career is over before it even started." That got me motivated enough to go for a short run.

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