Saturday, November 01, 2008

November 1st

So now it's November 1st. Every day I have little snippets of ideas I'd like to write about in my blog. Today, I'm totally blank. I guess I'll write about my slacker Halloween. I wore my Jedi costume, of course. I don't like change. I'm OK with wearing it every year until it falls apart. My kids have been earning money/toys by doing extra chores, and for their last toy, they bought these incredibly cheap Clone Trooper costumes. Their choices were to dress as Jedi (since we already have costumes), cowboys (since they got Western clothes + boots this summer), or clone troopers. They ended up going as the clone troopers. I totally spaced out the fact that we have a tiger costume and Baby could have worn it and would have looked SO cute. My ongoing sore throat worsened significantly after work, so I ended up not even going out with the kids. I just drove slowly in the car as they went from house to house.

Wow, this was probably the most compelling post ever.

I'm not sure how successful I'll be at NaBloPoMo. I'll be out of town for 4 days next week, and unlike the rest of the country, my cell phone does not send emails or get on the internet, I don't have a laptop with wireless, nor any other kind of internet-accessing device! My mom has a Blackberry, now that I think about it. I may end up using it to post here (if I can figure out a way to delete the sent message from history!), or maybe our hotel will have computers.

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