Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'm feeling quite demoralized. I make attempts to be responsible in my spending. Yesterday I posted about the everyday shoes I bought and how I finally found a comfy pair. Yeah, that was in the store. Today it was like hot nails stabbing my toes. How can I have some of the most frumpy shoes on the planet and have them be THAT UNCOMFORTABLE?! I am just so demoralized over it. I know that sounds pathetic, but really. I allow myself $25 of spending money every two weeks (if I follow my budget, ha). Apparently I'm not going to find any comfortable shoes in the $20 range. The shoes my mom bought for me a few years ago were close to $80, if I remember correctly. That means I'd have to save up for eight weeks just to get a dumb pair of shoes, and I've already wasted four weeks of money on shoes I can't wear.

In other demoralizing shopping news, I tried to find some pearl hair accessories at the mall. There was not a SINGLE barrette/hair clip with pearls on it in the ENTIRE MALL. Since when did pearls become passé? I specifically wanted a pearl French twist comb in case I wear a French twist for the wedding. No dice. I bought a silver and diamond one. Yeah, THAT'S going to go well with my otherwise ivory/gold ensemble. Sigh.

I want to be pretty. I want to be fashionable. I want to look put together. But then I go to the mall and remember why I just don't try in the first place. Perhaps if I had more resources ($$$$) I wouldn't feel this way. If that was the case, blowing $20 on a pair of shoes that don't work wouldn't even faze me.


Marly said...

Take all the shoes back you've blown money on and it won't take you as long to save up for those better shoes :)
I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Me and shoes just don't get along. I hate shopping for them. I would rather be barefoot.

Katie said...

I was thinking of that. I wore the one pair of shoes for several days, so I don't feel like I can take them back. The second pair I wore to work, where I don't walk around much. So I am going to try to take them back.

Marly said...

Take them both back. I walked around, outside, during the summer for 3 days in a pair of shoes and I took them back. They were killing my feet! Places understand. You can take them back :)