Sunday, November 02, 2008


I brought my bridesmaid's dress to my mom's house this weekend to see how well it would go with her dress. I figured the dresses are all blue; how bad could it be? (This is further proof I have no fashion sense.) It was very bad. My dress is pretty bright, while my mom's is a muted grayish sky blue. My sister (the bride) was the one who picked my dress, so I wasn't too concerned, but eventually we decided we should look for something else.

We went to the mall. Of course there was not a single light blue dress in the ENTIRE mall. There were tons of beautiful jewel toned clothes for fall, but not a single sky blue piece of clothing to be found. We finally found an ivoryish goldish dress.

Ivory Gold Dress

Neither ivory nor goldish are in my sister's wedding colors, but OH WELL. It's better than bright blue, I guess. As you can see, it's quite matronly looking. My sister was not very happy with this and doesn't want me to look 'old'. I told her that I AM the matron of honor, not a bridesmaid, and I AM old and matronly, so it will work well. The best part about it? It was $15. It was really $25, but the lady in line in front of us had two coupons and the store would only let her use one, so she gave the other to my mom. Woot!

After we finally located the dress, we had to get accessories. Silver shoes and diamondy jewelry would not do. We hit Payless, and they had one pair of shoes that matched the jacket of the dress very well. They don't match the bottom of the dress as well, but OH WELL. (And in the picture they don't look like they match at all.) I got a pearly necklace, earrings, and bracelet from Claire's. Now I've got to figure out what to do with my hair. I was going to wear it mostly down (probably in a half-up of some variety), but I'm not sure if that will work with this dress. I might try to do a matronly looking French twist or something.

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