Monday, November 03, 2008


I guess I left a few details out between my first post on my bridesmaid's dress and yesterday's post.

I ended up picking these shoes to go with the original blue dress.

Then we switched to the ivory/gold dress and obviously silver strappy shoes wouldn't work. So we switched to the tan shoes shown in yesterday's pictures. (Also here)

At the same time I bought the silver shoes, I needed some black daily shoes. By 'daily', I mean literally every single day. They need to work equally well with dresses and jeans for work and church. I ended up picking these Mary Janes. The stitching around the top of the shoe rubs on the top of my foot. I've tried little gel pads, but they are annoying.

Today I was at Burlington Coat Factory and picked up another pair of shoes that will actually be comfortable. I chose the ones shown on this page in the upper right corner (Mootsies Tootsies Colleen). If that link stops working, they look almost exactly like these. Frumpalicious, but SO comfy :-) They were $20 at Burlington, which looks like less than half of what they originally cost!

While looking for pictures of these shoes online, I found these. I think I NEED THEM!!!!

Sorry that I was too lazy to download and post the actual pictures.

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Katie said...

Ha! It seems that I chose to link to Payless right when they decided to close their website temporarily:

"Welcome to!
We've temporarily closed our store. We're working hard to improve your shopping experience at Please try again later. Thanks for your patience!"