Friday, September 18, 2009

It's a Daddy Thing

Friday evenings are fantastic around here. Every Friday night, our neighbor two doors down holds a drunken party for his BestFriend and our upstairs Sex Offender neighbor. I guess I shouldn't say it's a drunken party -- I just ASSUME it's a drunken party based on the way the spend the entire evening screaming their guts out at each other. For example, just now:
Neighbor to SexOffender: Don't you call me no f****** b*****, SexOffender, or I will f*** you up. I will f*** you up.

It especially makes me feel nice and comfortable with the three of them since SexOffender's offense was rape. Nice.

Which is a great lead-in to my next topic.

Has anyone heard 'Cleaning This Gun' by Rodney Atkins?

He says the only speech he remembers from high school was
". . . so you like my daughter, do you now?
yeah, we think she's something else. . . .
She deserves respect, that's what she'll get -
Ain't it, son?
Now y'all run along and have some fun.
I'll see you when you get back,
Bet I'll be up all night,
Still cleaning this gun."

And then he talks about giving that speech to his daughter's dates.

The last time I dated was 9 years ago. I don't have anyone to give the "Daddy Speech" to my (future) dates (if I ever date). And now I have drunken SexOffender neighbors. So what do I do?

Actually, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon these companies/sites:
Women of Caliber
Cornered Cat
RAD Women

All of these are about self defense or training women in the use of firearms. I used to target shoot when I was a kid, and I loved it. I was pretty good (in my opinion). But as an adult I've never wanted a gun in the house. I doubted that I'd ever be able to use it, and if that's the case and you do have a gun, it will probably be used against you. But now that I'm facing a new stage in my life, and feeling a little independent, I wonder. Could I really use a gun on someone? Would I? If my kids were threatened? If I was threatened? I'm still not sure, but I think it's worth exploring. My biggest hangup still is that in order to use a gun for self-defense, it needs to be loaded and easily accessible. If you're fumbling around for ammunition and unlocking the case, etc., etc., etc., it's pretty pointless to have a weapon in the first place. But having a loaded and accessible gun would be very bad in my house. Did you see my toaster post the other day? Yeah, that's what my kids do with bread and butter. I just don't think that I'd be able to adequately keep a gun out of their reach. I think I would like to explore this a bit more though.


alisaterry said...

Maybe the starting over process should include a relocation. Springville has inexpensive homes for rent! And then you'd have a yard!

Katie said...

A relocation is absolutely in the cards. I was thinking about doing it now, but then I remembered, oh yeah, snow! I have not ever shoveled/snowblowed snow in my entire life and have zero desire to start now. So we will move in the spring if we can. That will give me a whole year until shoveling snow starts, and YoungestSon will be older and more easily able to stay inside while I do it.

Also, I would like to stay in my current ward for now - they are incredibly supportive and helpful. And I don't want to change the kids' school. My work is in the boundaries of the school, so I am hoping that I can keep them at that school no matter what (driving them there on my way to work). If we do have to switch schools, I'll change them during the summer.

Anyway, my requirements for a house are:
1 - has a fenced backyard with space for square foot gardening/raised beds
2 - has washer/dryer hookups
3 - has a dishwasher or kitchen is big enough to store a portable dishwasher.

How did you guys find your house? I have found several very close by in Provo in my price range, but I'd like as many options as possible.

alisaterry said...

Craigslist. TONS of listings. That's where we found our current apt, too.

Katie said...

Sweet - that's where I've been looking, so I'll stick with it. Summer is the best time to get a place in Provo, I think, so all the more reason to wait for a great deal.