Thursday, September 17, 2009


Follow up from today's post on love languages:
I have ALWAYS identified with Scarlett O'Hara. Her name is KATIE Scarlett, you know. Anyway, this is TOTALLY my problem:

And here's a longer version for the Gone With the Wind fans:

I can absolutely forsee a viewing of GWTW coming up, at least the Rhett/Scarlett parts.

Clothes Yesterday
I take full responsibility for this outfit; Megan did NOT give me this.

What color shoes are you supposed to wear with those color pants? My shoes are dark brown, but they look black here.

Nap Yesterday

I took a nap after work and my 2-year old didn't want to sleep. I stayed in bed anyway! Every parent knows exactly what happened next:

I guess we need to have some more lessons in proper toast cooking techniques.

Clothes Today

The pants may look black in the picture, but they have RED PINSTRIPES. Isn't that absolutely awesome? See:

ALL of my favorite clothes have pinstripes; I love them (on myself). My favorite pants ever were dark gray with pink pinstripes.

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