Thursday, September 10, 2009

Outfit of the Day - September 10

Today's outfit, dress donated to me by my hot/fashionable sister:

My posture looks really weird in this picture, like I'm totally stiff and leaning back or something. Weird.

I am actually wearing 3-inch heels in this picture!! Go me! I'm not sure I will make the effort to continue this trend. I'm kind of a basics/natural girl, and high heels are pretty unnatural for your posture/joints/etc. I think they are hot though (not these specific ones necessarily).

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alisaterry said...

The color looks good on you! Neutral is for carpets and maybe couches. Not dresses!

Katie said...

I usually dress very neutrally. I might get really daring and mix up khaki, white, and gray, ha ha. I am trying to go all out on color!

Chandelle said...

You could never be more frumpy than me. I wear: dark-colored jeans and three-quarter length black shirts. THAT IS IT. I'm not exaggerating. I don't even own anything except jeans and black shirts. Three pairs of jeans, four black shirts. The end.

And I own two pairs of shoes - black flip-flops, which I wear almost always, and these recycled hemp & wool shoes, which were a gift, which I wear when it's raining, even though they are WOOL and thus, stupid for rain.

I would not be caught dead in high heels, or lipstick, or a skirt. I think it's fine for others - I just cannot pull it off. I can't express how excruciating it was for me to dress up for church back in the day. I considered it a very serious personal trial and that I was very committed to showing my obedience to God by martyring myself in such a way. :)

You, on the other hand, look fantastic! Seriously, you look great. I admire people who wear color.

Katie said...

Thanks :-D

I *LOVE* skirts/dresses. LOVE. (I would prefer them without nylons, but I won't go to work/church without nylons.)

I don't know how to wear lipstick. I love to kiss my kids every second of the day, plus I like to eat/drink constantly, plus I bite it off. So that has always been a no-go for me too!

I can imagine what suffering church must have caused!

Chandelle said...

It's funny, because since we've moved to NorCal I've been feeling impatient with myself about how I dress and wondering if I should change my style. But I know that's just because I appear so-o-o-o mainstream in the midst of these authentically hippie families at my kids'/Jeremy's school. I feel like I won't be accepted until I'm wearing buckskin leather than I tanned myself from an animal I shot with my own homemade arrow or something. Plus a paisley hemp tank top so I can show off my underarm hair, and I need some dreadlocks and more tattoos, and I definitely need to surround myself in a cloud of cannabis smoke. THEN I'll look like I belong around here, and maybe make some friends. :)

Katie said...

It's interesting that moving made you think about changing. I feel kind of the same -- like my surroundings make a difference in what I want. My goal is to make all decisions with conscious intention (a phrase obviously stolen from you), with no regard to surroundings or society. It's a hard goal!!