Thursday, September 10, 2009

Outfit of the Day - September 9

My friend Megan decided that I need to stop being frumpy and look hot and young. I have always wanted to look less like a grandma/librarian, but don't have the knowledge, motivation, and/or resources to actually follow through. Well, Megan has always been a great dresser and she took me shopping in her closet, so that solved the resources problem to some degree. (I bet I can still frumpify the clothes she gave me though.)

I decided to post pictures of my outfits each day, especially if it's one Megan gave me. Here are the rules:
1) I am a delicate flower, so no harsh criticism. I will delete it if it's rude.
2) You can tell me what you would do to make the outfit less frumpy or more awesome.
3) If it's really bad, you could say "maybe reserve that outfit for housework" or something similar.
4) Try not to look at my face. I always look so weird in these pictures, probably because I'm saying things like "Is something wrong with the camera? What did you do to it? Why aren't you taking the picture? Just take the picture; hurry, we're late!!" (My photographers are unwilling 5 and 7 year olds.)

Megan gave me this black jumper and I supplied everything else. I should have worn heels with this for ultimate awesomeness, but don't have any. (Actually I do have one pair of black heels, but I had forgotten about them.)

Here's a hair length update:

My hair is SO thin! Sometimes it looks like there's a lot of it because it's curly, but really it's thin -- when I braid it, it ends up as these teeny little braids.

After my run last night I was feeling dorky and decided to demonstrate what happens when curly-haired girls brush their hair. This is why curly hairs aren't allowed to own brushes. (Also, my glasses always look terrible with the flash; I swear I am getting contacts as soon as the money magically appears!!)


Norma said...

I grabbed this book at the library rhe other day:

lots of good info with before and after pics

Katie said...

That looks like it would be very helpful. I do want to learn about this kind of stuff, but I have a problem -- I shy away from anything that isn't automatically easy for me. I will definitely add this book to my list!

Marly said...

even if your hair is thin, it still looks good. I have really thick hair and it can be very time consuming.

Katie said...

Thanks :-)
Yeah, that's a great point. Mine takes a while to dry, but not nearly as long as if was very thick!