Friday, October 16, 2009

Freakish Dream

Last week I had a really creepy dream, and that's about all I remember about it. Last night I had a really freakish/scary dream. My co-workers and I had just finished a meeting and stepped outside a building but several floors up (maybe on some kind of walkway or deck). My one co-worker said "wow, look how low he's flying" as we all turned and looked to see a massively huge black helicopter flying very low. There were hundreds of thousands of people, packed onto the sidewalks, like you'd see in New York City. The helicopter was the size of a C-130 plane, and I felt like it was a military helicopter, but it was shiny black. Then we realized it wasn't flying low on purpose. It was crashing. As it crashed into the people, and started to explode and send debris flying, we realized that because of its size, the debris cloud(?) was going to be like that from a bomb, and it was going to hit us. We turned and ducked, and huge pieces of metal flew over us and past us, hitting me, but not hurting me.

We went down to ground level and started to walk the opposite direction from the crash. I walked past bodies, which I won't describe. The next place I ended up was an LDS-looking chapel. It was obviously some kind of mourning service for the victims of the crash. There wasn't any program going on, just people sitting and talking/crying together. I immediately saw two of my friends from high school who are still single -- each had their own row in the chapel. I went and gathered both of them up in a big hug and we just stood there together. My mom said "she wants to make them into a big happy family."

Then I was at some kind of stake or ward dance!!! I saw a young John Travolta coming through the crowd and stopped him. I said "What you did today was really great. You pushed me out of the way and saved my life." After I woke up, I realized that dreamKatie must have been trying to get a date or something, because he was NOT there during the crash, ha ha! I think the dance part of the dream went on longer, but I don't remember it.

What a strange dream. I guess I have reasons to have dreamed most of these things. I was supposed to go to a meeting with co-workers yesterday. Military helicopters were in the news because of the kid supposedly in the science balloon. I might have thought of the people who were hurt in the crash because of NieNie. I have no idea where John Travolta or the stake dance came from. I watched some clips from "Saturday Night Fever" on YouTube a few weeks ago, and I love dancing, but that's all I've got for that.

Hopefully now that I've written it all out, I can forget it, because it was a nasty dream, and now you can all think of it instead!


Ramon said...

Hope you don't have anymore dreams like that. When I have vivid dreams like that they always stick with me. I had a few 15 years ago that I can still remember every detail. Keep a cool mind, things are going well for you.

Katie said...

Yeah, I hope I don't too.

I hope yours were good dreams!

I like the sound of that -- "things are going well for me". I think I'm going to say that even when it seems like they're not.

Anonymous said...

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