Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have a big exam tomorrow and I'm pretty much freaking out. So I thought I'd post some good songs to calm me down.

Now, I feel like you guys aren't properly appreciating the music that I post here. That has got to change! Bon Jovi, Rodney Atkins, Oldies. . . . how can you NOT like that stuff?!

This song is great -- it even has sweet hippie girls dancing in the video. This remains one of my favorite songs of all time.

I can't embed this one, but you have GOT to click on it at least for a second and check out:
- a guy apparently wearing a garbage bag (at the beginning, left side)
- some sweet hippie glasses (0:21)
- the worst lip-syncing and instrument-syncing ever (the entire thing)
- some of the worst haircuts ever (entire thing)

The Byrds on Ed Sullivan

Actually, I wish I could go back and 'un-see' this. I was listening to this song today because I was getting nervous and it is one of my all time best 'calming' songs. I've listened to Oldies music since I was a kid, and I never knew what the Byrds looked like. So I looked the song up on YouTube and found this video. I think I was better off not knowing what they looked like, ha ha!

Now that I'm all calmed down it't time to listen to Rodney Atkins to get me in the mood to get everything ready for tomorrow!

Now tell me how anyone can dislike this song. Really! OK, I guess if you're opposed to drinking, smoking, guns, and Rodney's too-tight jeans, I GUESS I could see your objections. But other than that. . . !? It's down-home America! I love it!

If I haven't convinced you how awesome Rodney Atkins is, try this song. Seriously, watch it. Now.

There's nothing objectionable in this one except it's got McDonald's and distracted driving, camouflage pants, and unhelmeted four-wheeling. And that's Rodney Atkins' real son in the video!! How cute is that?


Simply Mother said...

I grew up on oldies. Turn, Turn, Turn is one of my favorites too.

Katie said...

Finally, someone who admits to having good taste ;-)