Friday, October 23, 2009

One More Try

OK, OK, I get it - you guys just can't appreciate good music!

How about this? Someone's got to think this is awesome -->

Greg Simpson was my seminary teacher once upon a time. As far as I knew, everyone at my school loved him as a teacher. I definitely did. Plus he was hot and awesome; that sure didn't hurt ;-) He taught us the names of the Twelve Apostles to the music of Journey's Faithfully. He said that he wanted us to think of 'the Brethren' when we were dancing too close at the dances, ha ha!! I also remember him admonishing us for calling him "Brother Simpson" at his concerts. I think he may have also made us try kim-chi (he went on a mission to Korea). Eventually he abandoned our school and defected to Bonneville High School.

When I got to BYU, I found out that one of my floormates went to Bonneville. She said they all thought Brother Simpson was gay and they weren't all that impressed with him! The main reason she gave for thinking he was gay was that he wore vests. At Northridge, that meant he was super sharp. I guess BHS students just don't know how to identify a well-dressed guy!

According to the Youtube comments on the video up there, Brother Simpson is a bishop now. Sweet - he can sing if the talks get too boring. When we lived in Sandy, one of the counselors in our bishopric had shoulder length curly hair and a sweet beard. He was also a musician and is credited on The Singles Ward (I think). Maybe they should get together and form the Bishopric Band!


Ramon said...

I'll admit we don't have similar taste in music, but that isn't to say that I don't like it. I'm just boring and like to stick to my likes, lol. I do remember Greg, an interesting character, but I never had him as a teacher.

Katie said...

See, I'm exactly the same way. I pretty much won't listen to anything I don't already know, unless it's a new album by one of the artists I like.

The other weird thing was that I HATED country music before college. My first semester I was an animal science major and took country dance, and needless to say, country was the only music I heard at social activities. I was immediately converted!

Marly said...

Awesome! I had Greg. He was actually Ryan's friend's bishop and he played in his band (his friend plays drums) We got to see him sing for Roy Days. It was interesting. I remember learning a lot from him in Seminary. He is the reason I love the Book of Revelation so much.