Saturday, October 31, 2009

Google It!

Periodically I check my Google Analytics to see what people are Googling to find my blog. The consistent top performers are Texadelphia Mustard Blend and Brad Paisley. I took all the Google searches that led people to my blog in the last 30 days and commented on them. I tried several colors out to highlight the search terms and settled on blue. Halfway through I realized that was a really dumb choice, since the default color for most links is blue. Oh well, I'm not changing it now.

"shaken faith syndrome" - yep, I have it

brad paisley 2009 stage - There were lights, and, um, places for the band to stand on up high, a lot of paint, and um, some digital displays, and, um, hey, what's that shiny thing over there?

Here's a picture that shows the stage:

brad paisley bobblehead - they sell these? Oh yeah, it was part of the scrapbook on the digital display. Like this, in the lower left corner:

brad paisley concert 2009 - AWESOME. Maybe someday I'll write a review. Ha.

green smoothies for beginners - spinach, pineapple, and banana. You could even do lettuce instead of spinach. Add an avocado for good fat and creaminess.

katies word - I wrote more than one word.

"almonds" - I'm selling them until next Friday.

"danica anerson" - Who on earth is that? OK, I googled it, and it's one of the kids in the Brad Paisley articles I pasted here.

"it's a daddy thing" - "Cleaning This Gun" is a great song; one of my favorites!

"marty+robbins" matilda - I don't think I've ever written about this song. But in a 2006 post, I shared my list of artists in my music library, which includes Marty Robbins, and I also mentioned listening to Matilda by John Williamson (the Australian folk singer)

"rod smith" green polk dot box - I am pretty sure he's a good guy. I trust him.

25 lb bag of chia seed - I am selling this too. I would encourage you to buy it. Think of how many chia pets you could make!

back to the future swearing - Oh yes. This is where my kids learned to swear.

bajio mexican grill calories - A lot? I think I've been there once. It still can't beat Don Carlos in Houston.

basic beginner green smoothie - spinach

beginners green smoothies - and pineapple

big green polka dot box - Great company. I think they're going to hit it big.

bob lonsberry - Completely loony.

brad paisley american concert what songs - I am sure I missed some, but I took videos of many of the songs he sang, including these:
Start a Band
American Saturday Night
Mud on the Tires
Wrapped Around
Waiting on a Woman
I'm Still a Guy
Catch All the Fish
I'm Gonna Miss Her
She's Everything
The World
Letter to Me
When I Get Where I'm Going
Feel Like Making Love (cover of Bad Company's song)
Welcome to the Future

brad paisley bobble head - I want one now.

brad paisley camp for kids - If so, he is even more awesome.

brad paisley concert line up song - See above.

brad paisley concert people with funny hats - Yep, these people were right in front of me:

brad paisley concert review 2009 - I forgot to do mine, didn't I?

brad paisley concert song line up 2009 - see above

brad paisley concert song line-up - see above

brad paisley concert supposed to end at the amphitheater - It ended at 10:55 pm.

brad paisley concert tour 2009 songs - see above

brad paisley concert what songs he is playing - see above

brad paisley concert with funny hats - yes

brad paisley concerts how long are they - Ours started at 7:30, with Jimmy Wayne and Dierks Bentley up first. Brad Paisley came out at 9:10 and played until 10:55.

brad paisley songs he sung at his 2009 concert - See above

brad paisleys blue jeans - OH. YES. Very nice. I never figured out what brand they were though, sorry. Not that I looked, of course. I'm a good girl (snicker). He had paint on his jeans; did you notice? And he doesn't wear them as tight as Rodney Atkins; bonus! I did notice the nice stitching on the back pockets of the ones he wore at our concert. Of course I was looking at the stitching, what did you think?!!? Here's a partial jeans shot. I have a video that shows them a lot better, but I'm not messing with videos tonight.

can't figure out my love language - keep Googling; I don't have time to explain it now. Do it now though, before your relationship goes down the tubes due to lack of communication.

chia seeds lasts how long in storage - hmm, my friend Robyn says "Chia is a wonderful food for storage, because its crunchy exterior protects it from oxidation and keeps years without rancidity. Buy up to a five-year supply, and keep it in a cool place if possible. (Vacuum sealing it with a Food Saver in quart jars is a good way to keep it on the shelf for years.)"

concert rain wet - I didn't get very wet because I brought my BYU sweatshirt. Brad Paisley got soaked. I would recommend bringing a sweatshirt. But if it's going to get really wet and dirty from the acid rain/smoke in the air, maybe you should bring a University of Utah sweatshirt instead. If not the U, then bring University of Texas.

cooking for families cheap - I recommend a lot of grains and vegetables. Not processed foods. It's surprising how much you can save if you cut out all the candy/junk.

cuddling hold hands falling asleep - Awwww, sweet! I think I would LOVE this, but I'm not sure. I like my space too.

dreadlocks - You should definitely do them. You would look good in them.

elder oaks - Yeah, he's got a lot of supporters and detractors right now.

elder oaks talk on bob lonsberry - Oh dear. Did this really happen? One thing I didn't like about Mr. Lonsberry is how every day was like an LDS church lesson. And then after the Utah show was over, he would do his local New York show, wherein he would make frequent comments about big breasts. Loser.

foamy green smoothie - if mine gets foamy, what do I do. . . . . hmmm. I can't remember. Maybe wait for it to settle, and then stir it gently if it separates.

foamy smoothie - see above

foodsaver - Tupperware?

green polka dot box - definitely do it

green polka dot grocery - you should go for it. Using my referral link.

green smoothies beginner - pineapple

green smoothies for a newbie? - and spinach

how to show the love language physical touch - YES! Something I am an expert on! Let's assume you're talking about a woman. Touch her whenever you walk past. If she's not 'in the mood', keep it on the shoulders, arms, face, or hair. If she is in the mood, grope away! Give her a hug and kiss whenever you leave or get home. Make it into a dramatic kiss if you really want to knock her socks off. Make out a lot. Hold hands whenever you get the chance. Play footsie. Cuddle to watch movies. Lots of sex. Play with her hair. Stroke her face. Hold her. Help her out of the car. Open doors for her and touch her on the back as she goes through. Cuddle while she falls asleep. Is it getting hot in here?

im a tough and suppress my feelings - Yeah, me too. My counselor recommended finding a safe, quiet place, and setting aside time to allow yourself to feel. Start writing what you're going through if you need help getting started. Good luck with that. My counselor recommended I do this about 6 weeks ago -- I have been putting it off.

katie words - yes

love languages of a female - could be any of them

men's touch to show love - From what I hear about men in general, probably there will be a lot of groping involved. Woot!!! If there's too much groping for your tastes, refer your man to my answer about physical touch above. Here's a couple fun facts: Oxytocin is the hormone that bonds you to someone when your body releases it. Women release oxytocin when they are touched. Men release it at orgasm.

nick vujicic orthodox church - is he orthodox? I wasn't sure. Actually, I don't even know what that means.

nick vujicic's doctrine - Evangelical, definitely. Love everyone. Keep your chin up.

people who speak different love languages are not compatible - I don't know if I would go that far, but I'd say it can be VERY HARD for people to learn other love languages sometimes. I would recommend learning to do it while you're in the early stages of the relationship so that you're not fighting an uphill battle later.

polka dot box utah - Yes, do it! Use my referral link!

raw egg in green smoothie - I would do it (unless you're vegan obviously), and to be extra safe, I would use pasture-farmed eggs from a local farmer you trust.

rod smith green polka - He has answered my emails personally. Seems like a great CEO.

song line up at brad paisley concert 2009 - see above

texadelphia mustard blend ingredients - The ingredients to make it yourself are said to be mayonnaise, yellow mustard, Gulden's spicy mustard, Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce, honey, and water

texadelphia mustard recipe - I haven't ever tried to figure it out! In fact, it's been over 3 years since I've had Texadelphia (SAD), so I don't even remember what it's supposed to taste like.

texadelphia queso recipe - I don't know about Texadelphia, but Don Carlos's queso is approximated by Velveeta + milk + jalapenos. So simple and so processed/fake, but tastes pretty close.

texadelphia queso recipe houston - Send me some, will you? How about a regular beef (NOT with extra meat) with 3 mustard sauces? Here's a lovely picture of a Texadelphia cheesesteak with mustard blend. But I don't get jalapeƱos on mine.

then powertab brad paisley - If you play 'Then' for me on your guitar and really mean it, I will totally marry you.

veterinary school - I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like animals or get sick around blood/guts.

what is the song paisley sings infront of guitar hero? - Crap, I can't think of it right now. . . . I'll have to get back to you. Oh yeah, it's CELEBRITY.

who is in brad paisleys guitar hero video - The old guy with the sweet jackets is Little Jimmy Dickens! I'm fairly certain that everyone in the video is a guitar master, which is what makes it so funny.

who many words can be spelled with kate - Assuming you mean 'how' many, then I find these: a, at, ate, eat, take, tea, & teak

Wow, this was a huge, mostly pointless waste of time. I wonder if it will cause a paradox, because people will google these terms, which will lead to a post about googling, and then the Space-Time continuum will blow up.


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