Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Cans of Tuna

You probably thought that title was a metaphor or something. Ha! It's not. When I was a kid, my mom would make tuna fish sandwiches for two adults and two kids using only one can of tuna fish. We would eat them with chips for lunch on Saturdays. When I make tuna fish sandwiches now, I add onions and chopped Bubbie's naturally fermented dill* pickles. Even with the extra onion/pickle volume, I typically only get ONE sandwich out of it. I can't quite fit ALL of it on my bread, but it's usually only a few spoonfuls left over, and I eat it plain, before I eat my sandwich. I don't usually eat anything along with the sandwich. So what's up? Has everyone's appetite grown since the mid-80s? Are cans of tuna significantly smaller? Do I have an unusually hearty appetite?

*Thinking of dill reminded me that I left a bunch of red peppers and dill in the dehydrator a couple days ago. Oops. Fortunately we're in the desert and it's winter with forced air heating, so the air in the house is about as dry as. . . as dry as. . . (nothing's coming to me). . . as dry as something really really dry!


Chandelle said...

Did your mom add a bunch of stuff that might have increased its volume? Like mayo, carrots, relish, heaps of mayo and mustard? That's how I always had tuna and it probably fills it out quite a bit.

I'm surprised that you need a dehydrator to dry dill. I just leave my herbs out for a day or two and they dry practically instantly. I don't have a dehydrator because I'm holding out for an Excalibur, but I've generally made do pretty well without one.

Katie said...

Definitely not. She didn't put anything in it at all. I'm the one who puts all the extra stuff in! I love TONS of onions and pickles. I use about the same amount of mayo she did, maybe slightly less, but not much.

I'm working up my courage to try the chickpea 'tuna'. I'm sure that if I get the texture right, it would taste good, since all the mayo/spices/pickles/onions are the main flavors I like. But I also like getting my weekly dose of mercury from the tuna too ;-)

You're probably right about the dill. I just figured since I have the dehydrator, I might as well put it in there.

I have the Good4U, which is like the Excalibur in many ways, except in reputation. I realized it was an unproven company (with a dumb name) when I bought it, but so far it's worked fine. Not like I've ever stressed it or anything though - I'm so sporadic with my healthy stuff.

Marly said...

I don't like canned tuna so I probably can't help you on the size but I do think your tastes change as you get older. oh and your appetite. I'm currently trying to eat less since I eat A LOT when I'm pregnant, and am no longer pregnant.