Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lifelong Learning Organized Tree Hugger

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Lifelong Learning Organized Tree Hugger

As I was taking this quiz, I was thinking wow, there's tons of these that I want to do. But I haven't actually done them. I thought it was going to return the result that I was a slacker who imagines that I do a lot but doesn't actually follow through :-) Maybe "lifelong learning" is a nice way of saying "hasn't done much but will eventually". I guess it said tree hugger because I checked off eating locally grown food, using cloth grocery bags, and recycling. I go to the farmer's market 2-3 times a season. I always mean to go but rarely follow through. I used cloth grocery bags approximately twice. Since then, I always forget them. I recycled for about 2 weeks, until I changed my work schedule and could no longer make it to the recycling drop off before 5 pm. I hate putting my reality into print because it makes me feel like a total slacker.


Ramon said...

Your not a slacker I forget my reusable bags all the time. Though I still try to do little things. Now if I could just kick my Diet Coke addiction.

Katie said...

I'm surprised how fast Macey's caught on to the reusable bags. At first, even when they were selling the bags, the baggers were like "?" when you'd try to use them. Now they have guilt-inducing signs at the checkout register that ask you to choose "paper, plastic, or planet?" and they give you fun facts like "some areas in the Pacific have a higher concentration of plastic than plankton". :-D