Sunday, November 29, 2009


I really do like to try new hobbies, taste new foods, learn new skills, meet new people, and so on. But on the other hand, I definitely like the security of known things. I usually only end up trying new things when other people initiate it. And I love nearly everything I try. When I was in Houston, my coworkers introduced me to Japanese, Thai, and Korean foods. I liked it all! Well, except the pickled ginger. I usually don't eat that, but I have tried it and don't hate it. There's a Thai restaurant nearby I've always wanted to try. I know I would like it. But I always find myself going to the same gross fast food places when we're out. (I think I've eaten more fast food in the last month than I did in the last year or two. Must remedy!) Today at about 2 pm I realized I hadn't eaten anything except 2 pieces of toast and a piece of fudge all day. I didn't have the kids with me, so I could go ANYWHERE I wanted. But I decided to just be boring and go to Wendy's. Unfortunately, I did not realize there was a BYU football game, so it took me 25 minutes to make a 10-minute trip and I didn't have time to go to Wendy's. Later I did go to the Thai restaurant for take out, and as I knew it would, it tasted fantastic. (Though I spent 5x what I would have at Wendy's.) Why don't I branch out more often?!

I watch the same movies I've always liked. I listen to the same songs (or at least artists) I've always liked. Repeat ad infinitum.

When we got married 9 years ago, I got eggplant purple sheets. I am 90% certain that I had the same color sheets my first year of college as well. Three years ago I wanted to totally change everything, so I bought some cheap scratchy green sheets. But the eggplant purple/pink (from bleach) sheets stayed in rotation. I went to ShopKo on Friday. They had $90 sheets on sale for $30. Luxuriously satiny sheets! I decided that I deserved and needed brand news sheets. I looked at all the beautiful colors in front of me and spent several minutes deciding which ones I wanted. I chose the eggplant purple set :-D Why wouldn't I? It's absolutely gorgeous and I love it, even after 10 years of looking at it. It is the color of royalty, after all! As the family queen, I figure it's fitting :-)

So anyway, though I'm satisfied with the things I do, I want to try more new things. I have always had good experiences trying new things so there's really no reason not to. Oh, except that pesky problem of me being very introverted. That makes it a little more difficult.


Marly said...

I'm with you there. Change is good. I love to try new places and new recipes. I'm all for learning what else is out there.

Katie said...

But do you actually do it? I love it, but don't actually go through with trying new stuff. There are so many things written on my calendar that I end up crossing off when I don't go.