Sunday, November 01, 2009

Post-Halloween Hilarity

YoungestSon was absolutely hilarious today. I stayed up violently late last night, so I was trying to sleep in this morning. MiddleSon and OldestSon keep YoungestSon safe and happy, but they don't prevent him from making messes or from making bad nutritional choices. Eventually, YoungestSon came back to the bed and asked for snackies (nursing). I said no, that the snackies were closed. I told him to cuddle with me instead. He cuddled with me for 2 seconds and then said "Snackies now?" I said no, and he cuddled 2 seconds longer. Then "Snackies now?!?!" 2 more seconds of cuddling, and "Snackies now??????!?!!!!?"

Then he started pretending to bite me and he was saying "Pizza! Chicken!" Then he was making really funny faces and rolling his eyes back and stuff. It was really hilarious; I guess you had to be there. It turns out that all three of them had pretty much eaten all of their halloween candy by the time I got up. It looked like someone blew up a Hershey's factory in our living room.

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