Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sunshine and Rainbows

Man, I've been all sunshine and rainbows lately, ha ha. It seems like everything I encountered yesterday was meant to tear me down or test me to see if I could withstand it. You saw my post about the LDS Gems quote I got. Then I opened my email and Carol Tuttle (who is supposed to be inspirational) asks me, "Are Your Limiting Beliefs About Money Ruining Your Life and Your Children's?" Why yes, Carol, they are! Thanks for asking!! So nice to hear from you ♥ The day got worse from there.

Anyway, I decided that I've turned into one of those friends who always has to be focused on their own tragedy and sorrow when you try to talk to them or help them. I know I've fallen into the victim role over the last 3 years. Now I just need to figure out how to get away from all that.

To start with I will share some of the world's beauty -- a real rainbow!!

We saw this rainbow a couple of weeks ago. It was an absolutely gorgeous double rainbow. You could see the entirety of both rainbows. I LOVE rainbows, real ones, as well as anything in rainbow colors. I could stare at a real rainbow for hours. They are fantastically gorgeous and magical. Of course I've studied (meaning I briefly stared at the webpage then closed it without actually attempting to understand it) the science of why rainbows appear, but looking at all those angles and rays? Naah, it's just magic!!

The kicker is that this was repeated for us last week. We walked out of the daycare and were greeted by an even more brilliant double rainbow. I don't even know when was the last time I saw a rainbow, and then to see two double rainbows in two weeks?! Wow! I wish I could bottle up a real rainbow and keep it in my backyard (if I had a backyard).

Speaking of rainbows, you have to see these pictures.

Happy rainbow hair!

Wisely Chosen is my hair idol. I found her photos about a year ago. I think I had googled 'wild long curly hair'. As you all know (ad nauseum), I want really long hair like Dawn's. The first picture I saw of her was with nearly regular colored hair, or at least I didn't notice that it was colored. She already would have been my hair idol because of the length and beautiful curl, but when I saw her rainbow hair, her hair idol status was forever guaranteed!

I don't know the laws of Flickr, so I'm not going to put a picture in here, but you've really got to check it out. Dawn gave me permission to post these pictures! Check out her Flickr photostream for tons more. I promise you will be amazed, shocked, or something similar. At first I thought that her hair must be Photoshopped, but if so, she must spend hundreds of hours on Photoshop and have amazing skills at making it look realistic. By which I mean that it's not Photoshopped!

I Have A Big Pink Bush

Force of nature

It's hot outside again

I can't figure out my real personality. When I see Dawn's rainbow hair, something inside me says "YES! That is perfect! That is totally me! I want that!" But in real life, the most dramatic thing I've EVER done to my hair was a henna gloss, and since henna is RED and my hair is REDDISH, yeah, no one even noticed. So maybe THAT is my true personality and I just like to imagine that the rainbow me is the real me. Whatever. Rainbows and rainbow hair forever!

Oh, I forgot to mention -- if I ever get my own world, everyone is getting rainbow hair by default. I haven't decided if everything (trees, grass, animals) will be rainbow -- that might be visual overkill. But at least the hair will be rainbow.


Wisely Chosen said...

You're so sweet! My hair is very much real. I have nearly twenty years of experience dying my hair, but have only had Photoshop for about six months, so yeah...my photos are real. I hope to have editing skills someday :)

As far as going rainbow, my advice is to be careful while bleaching your hair. The dyes I use aren't damaging to hair, but the bleach is. I've been using conditioner as a styling product for twenty years.

Katie said...

I knew your hair was real, but I was sure someone would take a 5 second glance and say "Photoshop"!