Friday, November 27, 2009

More Fun for Country Fans

A couple of days ago I didn't feel like listening to all the peppy (country) songs in my playlist, so I cleared a bunch of songs out and added a ton of others in. After listening to them for a while I realized that I ended up with a half lovey-dovey and half depressing playlist! Slow country songs are either totally lovey-dovey or totally depressing. I think I am getting a little bit 'down', but I'm definitely not depressed. I'm just taking this lull as part of the cycle of life -- it's all good!

One of my all-time favorite songs that ended up in that playlist is this classic hit by George Strait -- Amarillo By Morning. I love it SO much. I'm not sure why. I think it's mainly because of the absolutely gorgeous violin part that is prominently featured throughout the song. The song itself is alternately hopeful, wistful, and sad. It's about a cowboy who has lost everything (possessions, saddle, leg, wife, girlfriend, money) but is still traveling from rodeo to rodeo, glad that he's free even though he hasn't got much.

One problem with listening to George Strait (versus other country singers) is that his songs really make me miss Texas :(

I didn't think it was possible to improve George Strait's singing, but might I dare say that Kenny Chesney's version is just as good and possibly 0.1% better than George Strait's? Kenny has just got a little 'something' to his voice that is spectacular on this song. But Kenny - what the crap is up with the sleeveless shirt in this venue? This was taped at an awards show, and you can tell they're trying to look nice because the band is wearing suits. And Kenny still wears a sleeveless shirt? Come on! I just found out he's a shorter guy -- 5'8" -- so maybe he's afraid people might not know how manly he is if he doesn't show off his arms.

I did find a Youtube version of a George Strait concert that Kenny went to as a spectator. George invited Kenny up on the stage, and they sang together. But the sound is terrible on this (unless you like listening to screaming).

Oh, here's the original from 1987. The sound has changed a little over the years, which is why I linked to the live version up there.

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