Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not Cool

Today, OldestSon was sick (threw up on the way to school!), so I stashed him under my desk at work all day. Seriously, I really did. We had dentist appointments in the morning, so I stuck him under the desk, where he slept until we went to the dentist. After the dentist, we brought back a load of blankets, pillows, books, & the computer and DVDs. He hung out, watched DVDs, and slept until it was time to leave. Of course I didn't ask permission -- I'm the 'do it and ask forgiveness later' type of person.

Something very sad happened though. I encouraged OldestSon to watch Napoleon Dynamite, which he readily agreed to. But during the part with 'Do the chickens have large talons?' he didn't want to watch it any more!!! He switched to Wall-E instead. I guess not everyone can appreciate Napoleon Dynamite. Or maybe it takes a really big dork to appreciate the dorkiness.

I found out about Napoleon Dynamite before it was ever released. A woman in our ward was a relative of one of the writers or something. She kept telling us about this awesome movie and I was like 'uh, whatever'. I don't remember when I finally saw it, but I was hooked immediately. I've probably only seen it 3 times but have most of it memorized.

I should probably start taking friends' recommendations about new movies and books seriously. I had another friend who kept telling me about some really weird-sounding vampire books and putting weird vampire quotes in her signature line long before Twilight became really popular. She is a relative of Stephenie Meyer's. I could have totally been the first on the Twilight bandwagon, and started a Twilight store and made billions, but I missed the opportunity. My friend did end up running a Twilight business which made a full-time income for her and her husband for a while.

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