Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Complaining Again, Oops!

If I write my complaints in really small letters, does it count as complaining? I'm trying to think positively, but some things still really get to me. OK, I can't help myself -- I'm going for it. I am very grateful to have a refrigerator, but I really hate the way ours works. It drips water inside. I have a plastic jar that sits under the drip to catch the water. I would say it drips about a quart every week or two. This begs the question -- where is the water coming from? The fridge is not hooked up to a water line. Do refrigerators remove humidity from the air? I have no idea. Nevertheless, every week a quart or so of water appears. When I complained to management, they told me this is just how this brand of fridges are. The dripped water freezes into pretty layers in the jar. If I forget to empty the jar (by running it under hot water until the ice starts to melt and slides out), the water collects in the bottom of the fridge until you open the door, at which point it falls out onto the floor and gets tracked all over the kitchen.

Also, the fridge freezes everything, unless it is perched on the very front edge of the shelves or in the door. When I first noticed it was freezing things, I turned the temperature up (duh). Which led to the freezer thawing. I try to pay attention to which foods I don't want to freeze (sour cream and eggs are the two biggest concerns), and try to always keep those right at the front. It's kind of difficult to keep EVERYTHING at the front though. Inevitably something will end up getting shoved back, and then I'll decide to make fried eggs for breakfast, and will pull out the eggs only to be greeted by a box of frozen and/or exploded eggs. I really, really hate that. Fortunately most foods can be used after being frozen, even if it wasn't the way I originally intended. Sour cream can be used in a heated meal like stroganoff, instead of as a topping. Greens can be used in smoothies. Eggs can be thawed and used in anything, even as fried eggs, but they're not exactly the same. The one thing that cannot be rescued after being frozen is hard boiled eggs. They are destroyed when they are frozen. All the water comes out of the egg white and collects in between the white and the shell. When you shell the egg, you get a layer of ice, with the destroyed egg underneath. Here is a picture of a shelled frozen hard boiled egg from December 2007 (I don't know why the camera timestamp says 2006).

OK, as penance for all my complaining, I will share something really funny. I don't remember if I've posted this here before. This has nothing to do with taste in music -- it is just hilarious. They've taken a music video (Total Eclipse of the Heart, in this case) and changed the words to describe what is happening in the video. They've got a whole series of them, but this one is my favorite. It was hard to pick just two, but my favorite lines are "Emo Kid is throwing Slo-Mo Dove in my face. I guess that means that he just flipped me the bird." and "I walk on to a terrace where I think I'm alone, but Arthur Fonzarelli's got an army of clones."

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Chandelle said...

That frozen egg thing is seriously gross. We have the same problem with our fridge, that things at the back always freeze. Some things are still edible, but soy yogurt? Is not. It gets so disgusting after freezing. :(