Monday, November 13, 2006

Extreme Fashion

I freely acknowledge my lack of fashion sense. I would classify my style as somewhere between "80-year old librarian" and "90-year old grandma". I'd like to improve to at least "60-year old hippie". I've documented the carnage with poor photography* over the past few weeks:

The Pants of Extreme Shortness and Ill-Fittingness

I usually wear these with Sketchers lace-up shoes. At least I had the presence of mind to wear them with different shoes this time.

The Most Decent Outfit I Own

I got this skirt at Old Navy in approximately 1998. It was looser then :-)

Knit T-Shirt with Dress Pants

This might look OK if I tailored the shirt a bit. But then I won't be able to wear it if I get pregnant! (by which I mean this shirt looks like a maternity shirt). These are the highest heels I've had since 1999. They kill my feet. I have to take them off when I sit down.

Grandma Sweater with Biker Boots

These are my Jedi boots. I don't know what possessed me to wear them with this dress. I wear this sweater nearly every day - whenever I get cold at work. When I worked in Houston, my office was like a freezer, so I literally wore it EVERY single day. EXTREME fashion, I'm telling you!


My sister gave me these Victoria's Secret jeans several years ago. They were also MUCH looser then! You can tell they are old because they are not super-low-rise. I got this shirt from the D.I. (thrift store). I neglected to try it on first, or else I would have realized it was too tight for my super-conservative modesty standards. Yes, I know I'm weird. I won't wear this out of the house unless it's under another t-shirt.

Normal Dress

This dress isn't too bad. I have another one just like it but it's blue/white and has buttons all the way down the front. I stole both from my sister. She doesn't know I have them yet. I wear each one once a week because they are rayon so they don't fade and don't wrinkle. I like dresses, and even more, I like dresses that require no ironing or complicated care.

Evening Wear

I really did wear this outfit outside the house, but not to work. For work I had on a white t-shirt and black shoes. I switched shirts after I got home so the kids wouldn't stain the white shirt. I got these sandals before Crocs got popular. They're made out of the Croc foam and are pretty comfy. My sister gave me this skirt before I left for college in 1999.

*My camera is pretty decent if it has enough light.


Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

In the 90's I used to wear combat boots with shorter dresses and it drove my grandmother nuts. But I like your Jedi boots with the dress/grandma sweater. It gives the look your own stamp!

Heidi said...

I see nothing wrong with your clothing... Perhaps because my entire wardrobe comes from the same time periods... ;)

I think my neighbors snicker behind their doors at me. If someone comes to my house without me knowing before-hand (so I can change clothes...) I look like a pioneer. I've made a bunch of cheap cotton skirts with elastic waists that are LONG. Throw on a tee-shirt and Ta-Da!

Okay... I must not have had enough sleep... I'm done with my wardrobe confessions...

Katie said...

Heidi - Keep in mind that I'm an engineer, and I should try to look at least slightly professional! No one at my company wears shirts and ties like in Houston, but still!