Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Random Post

My mind is completely blank today.  So to keep this short, I'll list the medical procedures I've had done (as fas as I can remember).
4 years old - broken leg with cast
10 years old - 4 baby canine teeth pulled to make room for other teeth that were coming in
15 years old - oral surgery to attach chains to two adult canine teeth that were not coming in on their own
20 years old - all four wisdom teeth pulled
21 years old - 1 stitch after BigGuy was born (I guess the whole pregnancy/birth counts as "medical")
22 years old - a mole removed
23 years old - I do not count LittleMan's pregnancy/birth as "medical" because I had a homebirth midwife the whole time and never had any invasive procedures (such as internal cervical checks) done.  I guess I had my blood drawn.  Does that count?
I think that's about it.  I'm pretty boring in this regard.  If I started writing about all my husband's procedures/accidents, it could take months to write them all out.

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