Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Totally Awesome Website

I was doing a little Googling and ran across this old website of mine from 1999: http://members.fortunecity.com/akite47. I hesitated before sharing this, because it has a lot of personal information, but it's too funny!

No, I don't have a black dot on my nose like in that picture :-D

I have no recollection of making this website. All the personal links on the site refer to my site at BYU's engineering department, not Fortunecity. For that reason, I am thinking that I uploaded my site to Fortunecity as a backup for the engineering website.

Here are some of the correct links (the others are obsolete):

Tragic Chia Pet Deaths - LOL! I must have forgotten to water my Chia pets!
Contact Me! - At the time, I thought I was so hot and cool that everyone would want to ask me out, so I made sure to provide plenty of contact options :-)
My Favorite Music Groups and Other Music Info - At one time, I did have every Monkees episode on VHS. It was the first major purchase I had ever made. I bought a set with a damaged box, so it only cost me ~$250, instead of $400. I later sold it. You'll also notice a link to Napster on this page. Living on campus with T1 internet connections allowed us to download a song in ~1 second. This was just when Napster was starting to be seen as illegal. The year after this, my roommate and I deleted all our Napster songs in an effort to be honest. However, I kept 11 country songs on my computer!

I tried to log in to Fortunecity to see if I could remove the site (it's absolutely hideous, especially with 6 inches of ads on top of the page) or at least fix the broken links, but I can't remember my password from 1999. I tried the names of all the boys I dated, all the typical passwords I used at the time, but I got nowhere. I did remember the email address I used to sign up with, so I entered that, and Fortunecity sent my name/password to the email address I provided. Unfortunately it's been obsolete since ~2004!

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The Zero Boss said...

What, no guest book?! Come on! EVERY Web site ca. 1999 had a guest book! It's how we communicated prior to blog comments!