Thursday, November 09, 2006


Due to time constraints, I have decided that we can only do two activities on any given night. Our choices are:

eat dinner
clean house and/or do laundry
read - chapter books & picture books
have family worship - read scriptures, sing hymns, write in journals
run errands - go grocery shopping, pick up milk, etc.

If we can just figure out a way to go without food, we could do so much more -- that would eliminate cooking dinners AND grocery shopping!

I've been leaving work around 6 pm, and I'd like to get the kids in bed by 8. There isn't time to cook and eat dinner and get ready for bed in that much time, let alone do anything else.

I guess the real solution would be for me to get ready on time or early in the morning, get to work early, work hard all day, and leave at 5 or earlier! Also, it would help a lot if I used the Crock-Pot more or made dinners on the weekends.

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