Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rhymes with Firthday

Happy Firthday to you
Happy Firthday to you
Happy Firthday Dear Mommy
Happy Firthday to you!

Today is my birthday! This morning I woke up BigGuy saying "BigGuy! Wake up! It's my firthday! Sing Happy Birthday to me!" He was so excited and sang it so cute. He was very concerned about me not having a cake. He instructed me to buy candles, so we got a '2' and a '6' last night at the grocery store. We'll find something to stick them in :-)

So far BigDaddy hasn't remembered that it's my birthday (and we've already talked twice today). He did remember 2 days ago though.

BigDaddy is taking a load through Utah from Denver, and he thought he'd make it to Ogden tonight. The plan was to meet up at my parents' house (more central location). The number one rule for trucker dads is "never tell the kids Daddy is coming unless the truck is actually pulling up in the yard". But, BigDaddy got excited and told LittleGuy that he would see him tonight. I'm not really sure LittleGuy understood, but BigDaddy thinks he did. BigGuy doesn't know. He just knows we're going to Grandma's.

Unfortunately, BigDaddy got held up for four hours while picking up his load this morning. If he does make it to Utah tonight, it will be at 10 pm or later, and he wants us to wait for him. He will have hometime next Wednesday and Thursday, so I didn't see the point of waiting until 10 pm, not making it home until midnight, and then trying to get up at 5 am tomorrow. But it is clearly very important to BigDaddy, so we'll be going to my parents' house tonight :-) We have to go no matter what, since I already told BigGuy we were going to Grandma's. Going to Grandma's is his favorite thing in the world.

My parents will buy me a Baskin Robbin's Turtle Pie, so we will have something to stick the candles in after all!!

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Heidi said...

ohhhh.... I'm a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!