Sunday, November 19, 2006

High School Memories

A few weeks ago I suddenly had a memory from high school:

From the time I turned 16, I drove to school with my sister most mornings. It was always dark on the way, especially during the winter. My high school (Northridge) was in Layton, UT. As we drove east on Highway 193, we could look out across the valley and see the Bountiful temple, shining like a brilliant jewel. The temple was approximately 17 miles away as the crow flies, but it is a huge, brightly lit, white building located up on the hillside, so it's easy to see for miles around. On those dark winter mornings, when I was so exhausted and the world seemed so cold, it was so comforting to look out and see the temple. I watched for it every morning and felt like the day was just a little bit better after I'd seen it.

Here's a picture of the Bountiful temple. Here are some more. From ground level to the top of the spire, the temple is 175 feet tall. The total floor area is 104,000 square feet (on several floors). At night it has powerful lights shining on it, and it just looks so beautiful. Incidentally, BigDaddy and I were married in this temple.

Lest you think my high school days were filled with spiritual visions of jeweled temples, here are some pictures of me as a Senior:

No, I wasn't trying to get some "tongue action". I wish I could still wear shirts like this. My 'chest' size sort of got out of control when I was pregnant and nursing babies, so button-up shirts weren't quite realistic. Now that I'm more proportional again, I'm still nursing, so they still wouldn't work so well. It's a lot easier to be discreet with a stretchy shirt.

This picture was taken on yearbook signing day. I know, because my name cards, pictures, and animal footprint stickers are there on the table. However, I don't think this method of eating was a "let's get crazy on the last day of school" type of thing. This was probably a typical way of eating for me. Maybe this explains why I didn't get asked out as much as I thought I should.

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Jessica said...

seriously, I'd love to wear a button up shirt these days. Bustin' at the seams, I am. in case you don't know who I am. Darn blogger accounts.