Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wish List

Today Kerflop asked "What would you do with ten million dollars?" I've gotten pretty good at suppressing my own desires in favor of things such as rent and food (these kids think they need to eat every day!) and I haven't dreamed like that recently. I think I'd like pretty much everything Kerflop mentioned. In addition, the other day I came up with a birthday/Christmas-style wishlist. If was going to dream to the scale of 10 million dollars, I could expand this quite a bit!

  • wheat grinder/mill & flaker
  • dehydrator
  • stock pot
  • tiny pot (for small amounts of food)

  • wheat berries
  • grass-fed meat
  • free-range chickens

  • coconut oil (for cooking and hair)
  • jojoba oil (for my hair)
  • cod liver oil
  • butter oil
  • Vitalherbs

  • books
  • homeschool supplies/manipulatives
  • thought/creative toys
  • books
  • more books
  • Hypnobabies class
  • Doula &/or childbirth education certification materials/class

  • book cases or shelves
  • bedside table
  • comfy rocking chair/glider/rocking recliner
  • family pictures/frames
  • home decor

  • Irish dance and/or clogging classes
  • music classes & instruments
  • clothes - jeans, sweaters, shirts, dresses
  • shoes - comfy hiking-style shoes, boots, tennis/running shoes, church shoes
  • self-discipline
  • time to exercise
  • wooden hairsticks (hand-turned by dh or me?)
  • Long Locks hairsticks
  • heat cap
  • Caruso steam rollers
  • microfiber hair towel
  • cultural events tickets (symphony, ballet, opera, etc.) & someone to go with
  • for my dh to love country dance and take me dancing all the time
  • paper scrapbooking/stamping supplies

  • better digital camera? (I think mine is pretty decent actually, but I need to learn more about it)
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Digital Scrapbooking lessons (DVDs)
  • better scanner? (not sure how high quality mine is)

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Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Your list is pretty reasonable. I'm with you on the wheat grinder, I want a Nutrimill so bad!