Monday, November 06, 2006

Much Better!

I am feeling much better this morning! We will probably find out today what the consequences are for BigDaddy (fired, not fired). I just hope I can help him feel better. I thought of him all alone in his cold truck last night, with no one to comfort him and tell him they still love him, and I just felt so sad for him. I hope he's also feeling better today.

Despite feeling like we've made wrong decisions at times in the past, I do believe that Heavenly Father will guide us and help us make good decisions for our family. I am OK with dh working a 'normal' job if that's what ends up happening. I just hope we don't have to lose a lot of income in the transition :-) Yet again, if I get any birthday money this month, I'll probably be using it to cover the checking account >:-(

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